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CRC Press

Founded nearly a century ago CRC is a leading publisher of professional reference books and journals and other subscription products in the specialist areas of science, engineering and medicine. CRC has a number of well known imprints including CRC Press and Parthenon Publishing, publishes 32 journals and 350 new book titles per year and has a backlist of over 6,000 book titles.

CRC Press - www.crcpress.com

Garland Science
Garland Science has established itself as one of the leading textbook publishers in the fields of cell and molecular biology, immunology and protein science; publications include such classic texts as Molecular Biology of the Cell, Immunobiology, and Introduction to Protein Structure.

Garland Science - www.garlandscience.com

Psychology Press
Psychology Press publishes an impressive portfolio in all areas of psychological science, including Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Industrial Psychology. We publish major textbooks in all these areas (supported by innovative interactive student and teacher support materials), including the market leader, Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook (5th Edition). The program also publishes handbooks, monographs and tests, as well as 24 international scholarly journals.

Psychology Press - www.psypress.com

Taylor & Francis Asia Pacific
Taylor & Francis Asia Pacific has an office and distribution centre in Singapore and distributes books throughout South East Asia, including the major markets of China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore, itself. It supplies books both directly to customers such as libraries and academic institutions and indirectly through booksellers and dealers.

Taylor & Francis Asia Pacific - www.taylorandfrancis.com.sg


Welcome to the home of Routledge, distinguished publishers in the social sciences and humanities part of the academic division of Informa Plc, the world's largest provider of knowledge and skills via events, PI and publishing, for academic, professional and commercial markets.

Routledge publishes over 1,000 new books each year and has a back list of over 7,000 titles in print, as well as a growing list of journals in many different subject areas, and the imprint's impressive portfolio of titles continues to grow at speed. A number of significant acquisitions have enriched the knowledge and expertise of the business. Here are just a few former imprints that now come under the Routledge umbrella:

Routledge - www.routledge.com

Taylor & Francis
Taylor & Francis Books, the academic division of Informa Plc, are continually building a reputation for high quality publications in all academic areas. Best known for its scientific and reference books, it specializes in important niche areas such as ergonomics and geographical information systems as well as biotechnology and engineering; and now science, medicine and built environment as well. In 2005 Taylor & Francis acquired the books division of Institute of Physics Publishing. Here are some former imprints that now come under the Taylor & Francis umbrella:

Taylor & Francis - www.taylorandfrancis.com

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